Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 63

Use Tao


  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 63]  Use Tao / English translation

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Act no action.

Work no work.

Taste no taste.

The small is big. The few is many.

Love one instead of resenting him.

Plan complicated things while they are easy.

Do big things while they are minuscule.

Complicated things in the world must be created in the easy.

Big things in the world must be created in the minuscule.

Therefore, the sage never tries to do big things. Because of this, he often does them.

Casual promises surely lack faith.

Many easy things must be the origin of many difficulties.

Therefore, the sage regards everything as difficult.

So, after all, nothing is difficult to him.



Accept everything as it is.

Interfere by no interference.

Be one with Tao.

Regard the small as big. Regard the few as many.

Use Tao to do good to him who has done you an injury, that is to say, love him instead of resenting him.

No matter how complicated your life looks, it is your hologram that you project thanks to the energy of Tao.

No matter how big your plan seems, you can accomplish it because it is your hologram that you project thanks to the energy of Love.

Complicated things in your hologram are the manifestation of the simplest thing called Tao.

Big things in your hologram are, in fact, not at all big. They are just tiny parts of the hologram that you create.

Therefore, you don't have to do anything big. If you do nothing, your act of non-doing (=accepting all) will change your hologram as you like.

Check your behavior. If you are talking too much, evidently you don't believe that the act of non-doing will change your hologram (=By accepting all, you can change your world).

If you find your world is full of difficulty, think that it is you who project it. Then, things there will become easy because now you know they are there to make us emit more of the fundamental energy Tao (=Love).

Therefore, use the mechanism of Tao. If you regard things as easy, they will become difficult. If you regard things as difficult, they will become easy.

That's how you make everything easy.

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