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Chapter 64



  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 64]  Easy / English translation

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It is easy to maintain something stable.

It is easy to treat a thing before it has appeared.

It is easy to melt a thing while it is fragile.

It is easy to erase a thing while it is minute.

Do it before it has come to exist.

Put it in order before it has got disordered.

A big tree grows from the minutest tip of a downy hair.

A nine-storied tower's construction begins with a small heap of earth.

A travel of a thousand leagues starts from beneath the foot.

If you do something to it, you will defeat it.

If you stick to it, you will lose it.

Hence, the sage does nothing, so he defeats nothing.

He doesn't stick to anything, so he doesn't lose anything.

When people do a job, they always defeat it just before it's completed.

End it carefully as if you are starting it, and you will never defeat the job.

That's why the sage desires not to desire.

He doesn't value rare coins.

He learns not to learn.

He brings back people's excess to the state it was before.

Thus he keeps everything with its natural transformation.

He doesn't dare to act.



It is easy to be one with Tao.

Don't act on your hologram. "Treat a thing" before it is projected. The state before the creation of a hologram is called "Bumo-misho-izen" in Zen Buddhism.

Be "fragile". Then, you are flexible. "Melt" yourself. Then, you are much closer to the state of Tao. Don't be hard in any sense.

When a thing is small, it is much closer to Tao. Being "erased" means returning to Tao.

Do what you want to do before it is projected in your hologram. Only projected holograms "come to exist" in the world, or, so-called reality.

"Disorder" exists only in your interpretation. Everything is perfectly in order in your hologram, not to mention in Tao. In that case, what does it mean by "Put it in order"? It means, "Do nothing".

A big thing has a small thing as its origin. Everything has Tao in its origin.

Your hologram (=the world) begins in Tao. In Tao, space doesn't exist.

Space and time don't exist in Tao. They only exist in our mind.

If you do something directly to your hologram, you will block the fundamental energy Tao's flow to it. Acting directly means refusing the world before you (=your hologram). It is exactly like resistance in electricity. As you increase your resistance, less energy circulates. Then, the lamp (=your hologram) doesn't light up.

"Sticking to it" indicates obsession. It is another form of refusal. You refuse to accept change. (☞See Chapter 29 A god’s vessel)

Hence, you should do nothing. Then, you won't thwart anything.

You should not stick to anything. Then, you won't lose anything.

If you act on your hologram (=the world), you thwart its natural transformation. You create resistance and block the free flow of the fundamental energy Tao "just before" the hologram of an object, a deed, or a thought comes to exist completely. Consequently, it will be disfigured and far from what your own self wants although it is always perfect. This "disfigured" hologram asks you to accept it as a catalyst. If you accept it, you emit the energy Tao. That's the objective, for which all of your hologram (=the world) exists.

End is synonymous to beginning in Tao since time doesn't exist there. In fact, you never thwart Tao's energy. You just think otherwise. This imaginary resistance of non-acceptance (=fight, =action) is the cause of your pain.

That's why you should have no desire. After all, your desire doesn't belong to you. It is part of your hologram. Don't be fooled by something called "your desire". It is an illusion. Leave it alone.

"Rare coins" suggest your intellectual analysis and the following act to turn your hologram (=the world) favorable to your benefit. Don't analyze your hologram. Don't try to change it, either. (☞See Chapter 3 Do nothing)

Don't learn. Reduce your knowledge. (☞See Chapter 48 Reduce and reduce)

If you try to "bring back" your hologram "to the state it was before", you can return to Tao. This is how you can be One with Tao. You can remember that true You are Tao, without being bothered by your feelings and thoughts.

Thus, you can leave your hologram transforming itself naturally.

Do not act.

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