Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 67

Sending Love


  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 67]  Sending Love / English translation

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Everyone in the world under the sky says that I am Big and resemble an idiot who doesn't look like his parents.

Simply I am Big, so I resemble an idiot who doesn't look like his parents.

If I were ordinary and looked like my parents, I would long have been small.

I have got three treasures.

I keep and protect them.

The first one is to send Love.

The second one is not to waste any.

The third one is to try not to be the first under the sky.

I send Love, so I can be brave.

I don't waste any, so I can be vast.

I try not to be the first under the sky, so I can be the leader of the vessel.

Now, if you are brave without sending Love, if you are vast while wasting all, or if you want to be the first without being the last, you will end your life.

By sending Love, if you wage war, you always win, and, if you defend something, you will be able to do it firmly.

Heaven surely saves those who send Love, and guards them by sending Love.



Everything in your hologram (=everything in the world under the sky) is there to tell you that true You are Tao itself. Big is a nickname for Tao. (☞See Chapter 25 Manifestation) You are Tao and "resemble an idiot".

Without discernment and intelligence, you can easily remember that true You are Tao.

True You are Tao, so you are special. If you try to be "ordinary" like others in the world (=your hologram), you will be stuck there. The others there, including your parents, are part of your hologram which you project in your mind. So is your own self, including mind and body. Unless you realize this and tell true You from "self", you have to suffer from being too small and trifle in this world (=your hologram).

You have got three useful tools to be one with Tao.

In fact, you are using them all the time without knowing it.

The first one is to send Love. It is Love, not in the sense of the feeling between two people, but the fundamental energy of all existence. In short, it is another name of Tao.

The second one is "not to waste" any energy in your hologram. It is composed of Tao. You receive the energy through the hologram. Accept all, and you will waste nothing.

The third one is "try not to" control your hologram (="the world under the sky").

If you send Love and accept all, you have nothing to be afraid of because you know everything is in your hologram.

If you accept all, you can receive the energy from all. The world (=your hologram) is projected in your mind. You are bigger than the world. Use Dark Depth Female.

By not controlling your hologram (="the world under the sky"), you can see that it is you who are projecting "the vessel" (=your hologram, =your world).

Now, if you think that there is an objective world outside you, if you refuse to accept your world as it is, and if you try to control it without using Dark Depth Female, you will be stuck in your hologram (=the world).

By sending Love, you will never be beaten because there is no competition. By accepting all, you will never create resistance which blocks the flow of the energy Tao. No one can take anything away from you because the world is your hologram. Being thankful to all is one of the easiest ways to send Love.

Tao (=true You) sends Love through your hologram (="heaven"). You (=Tao) receive Love and send it back by loving your hologram. Maintain this cycle. The world (=your hologram) exists as a catalyst to stimulate the exchange of the energy. This exchange takes place in one entity even though some use metaphors indicating two entities such as Yin and Yang.


To translate the Sanskritic word "Tri-ratna", Buddhists in China used the expression  "三宝 [san po] / three treasures", which they found in Lao Tzu's «Tao Te Ching». (Osamu Kanaya 金谷治, «Roshi 老子», Chapter 67, p.207)

Unlike Lao Tzu's, the Buddhistic "three treasures" are:

(1) Buddha 仏, (2) manifestation (=teachings), or Dharma 法, (3) company or monks 僧.

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