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Chapter 70


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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 70]  Actor / English translation

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It is very easy to understand what I am saying. It is very easy to practice.

There is no one in the world under the sky who can comprehend it. No one can practice it.

The words have got the centre. The acts have got an actor.

They simply know nothing. That's why they don't know me.

The fewer people know me, the more precious I am.

That's why the sage wears shabby clothes and hides a jewel beneath them.



It's easy to understand Taoism. It's easy to practice it.

No one in your hologram (="the world under the sky") comprehend how Tao works because all the people there are just characters projected in your mind. If you doubt Tao, of course, they doubt it, too. If you accept Taoism and understand how it works, they will not doubt it any longer. What they say is an echo of your mind. The characters in your hologram don't practice Taoism. Only you can do it.

Your "words" and thoughts are part of your hologram. You are not responsible for them as you are not for the clouds in the sky. Nevertheless, they have "the centre", which is Tao. Cherish them for it. All the acts and deeds are "played by the actors" in your hologram to stimulate you. If you cherish and accept them, you emit more of the fundamental energy Tao. For this purpose, your hologram (=the world) exists.

People in your hologram don't know anything. They don't have to. They are just a catalyst to trigger the above-mentioned process in you, which is Tao itself. They don't have to know that you are the one who "creates" your hologram, either.

Although no one know it, you are the creator of your hologram (=the world). You are the most precious of all.

"Shabby clothes" are your hologram. You hide your precious jewel (=Tao) inside your hologram. Your hologram (=the world) is your own self, which is not true You. True You are Tao. Tao circulate in the hologram in order to stimulate Tao (=true You) to create more of Tao. Everything is one.

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In Kitaro Nishida's «An Inquiry into Good» 西田幾多郎「善の研究」, it is worth reading Part II / Chapter 10 The Sole Reality 唯一実在 and Part III / Chapter 27 Perfect Good Conduct 完全なる善行 before you tackle the concept of Jiko 自己 and Tako 他己, or yourself under your control and yourself beyond your control.

-Chapter 1b Life is a movie, in which you are the projector, the actor, and the spectator at the same time.

-Taoism videos / Chapter 70 1-6 Kesa (Kasaya)

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Who is the best actor in the history of Japan? Zeami founded Noh theatre and was banished. Izumo no Okuni created Kabuki and disappeared. A Shogun banned females from performing in public. You never know one day we will regard Toshiro Mifune as the best Japanese actor ever. At least, the actor and Akira Kurosawa made «Rashomon», which tells us that the one and only objective world might not exist.  世阿弥  能  出雲阿国  歌舞伎  三船敏郎  黒澤明  羅生門