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Chapter 72


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  72-1 Big's fear
  72-2 Not satisfied?
  72-3 Unsatisfactory
  72-4 Know yourself
  72-5 Love yourself
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 72]  Fear / English translation

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If people are not afraid of fear, Big's fear arrives.

If they are not tired of where they stay, they are not satisfied with where they live.

It's simply unsatisfactory. That's why they are not satisfied.

That's why the sage knows himself and doesn't show himself.

He loves himself and doesn't value himself.

Therefore, he leaves that and takes this.



Fear is part of your hologram. Your feelings belong to it like the clouds in the sky. Don't be afraid of the world (=your hologram) because you are the one who "creates" it. If you accept this, "Big's fear arrives". Big is a nickname to Tao. (☞See Chapter 25 Manifestation) "Big's fear" suggests the uneasy sensation you feel when you remember that you are always one with Tao. If you accept that the world is just a hologram you project, you remember that true You are Tao.

If you are "not tired of" the world (=your hologram) and engaged, you are not detached from it. If you don't accept it as a catalyst to stimulate you to emit more of the fundamental energy Tao, you will never be satisfied with it.

Although the world (=your hologram) is perfect, it often seems to you "unsatisfactory". It is caused by your judgement.

That's why you should know that true You are Tao and you are the one who projects the hologram. Don't try to act directly on your hologram.

Your own self doesn't belong to you. It is part of your hologram. Love yourself and the rest of your hologram because it is there to provoke your Love. Nevertheless, don't regard it as something valuable. If you do so, you will be stuck in your hologram and forget why everything exists. It does in order to circulate more Love (=the fundamental energy Tao).

Therefore, don't be attached to your hologram (=the world) and remember you are always one with Tao. (☞See Chapter 12 Five Colors and Chapter 38 The highest attainment)

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Masuji Ibuse, the author of «Black Rain», was born in a village near Hiroshima. He also wrote «Salamander» and «John Manjiro, the Cast-away».  井伏鱒二  黒い雨  山椒魚  ジョン万次郎漂流記

Shohei Imamura shot the film «Black Rain». He won the Cannes Festival Grand Prix twice with «The Ballad of Narayama» and «The Eel».  今村昌平  楢山節考  うなぎ

-Chapter 74 Reincarnation. Don't be afraid of the end of your hologram.

-Taoism videos / Chapter 72 1-6 Mu ga (= No Self)

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The Japanese have been living with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunami all the time. Now our science added another source of fear. "Ikimono no Kiroku", which means the record of living beings, is the original title of «I Live in Fear» by Akira Kurosawa. The film is about a man living constantly in fear of another nuclear war.  生きものの記録  黒澤明