Tao by Matsumoto

Chapter 73

Heaven’s net

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  73-1 Act without living
  73-2 Live without acting
  73-3 Merit
  73-4 Hatred
  73-5 Heaven's Tao wins
  73-6 Response
  73-7 I shin den shin / No call
  73-8 Plan
  73-9 Tao = Nethttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC3833560A6595F4Fhttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC3833560A6595F4Fhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/71to81/7301.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/71to81/7301.html#widget9http://taotechingdecoded.com/71to81/7301.html#widget6http://taotechingdecoded.com/71to81/7301.html#widget10http://taotechingdecoded.com/71to81/7305.html#G+_buttonhttp://taotechingdecoded.com/71to81/7305.html#widget11http://taotechingdecoded.com/71to81/7305.html#widget7http://taotechingdecoded.com/71to81/7305.html#widget12http://taotechingdecoded.com/71to81/7305.html#widget13shapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5shapeimage_5_link_6shapeimage_5_link_7shapeimage_5_link_8shapeimage_5_link_9shapeimage_5_link_10

  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 73]  Heaven’s net / English translation

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If you are brave enough to do, you don't live.

If you are brave enough not to do, you live.

Of the two, one is merit and the other is demerit.

Who knows why heaven doesn't like what it hates.

Heaven's Tao doesn't compete but wins well.

It doesn't say but responds well.

It doesn't call any, but they come somehow.

It is relaxing and plans well.

Heaven's net is vast. Its mesh is not fine, but it doesn't lose any.



True life is not in your hologram. If you act directly on the latter, you will be stuck there. You are not truly living.

"If you are brave" and wise enough not to act on your hologram (=the world) and leave it alone, you know that you are one with Tao. You are truly living.

Don't be misled by the words "merit" and "demerit". The two are both sides of a coin. There is no discernment in Tao.

"Heaven" indicates your hologram (=the world). There is no reason behind when people seem to hate something. You are just projecting your interpretation.

True You are Tao, and omnipresent. Don't compete, and you will always "win" because there is neither win nor defeat. There is only your judgement. Don't judge.

You don't have to say anything. What you think is completely listened to. The world will respond to your thought consequently.

You don't have to act on any. Since your hologram (=the world) is projected in “the mind”, everything comes to form itself as you like.

Don't be annoyed if your wish is not granted immediately. Tao's wisdom (=your true wisdom) is far more thoughtful than your superficial intelligence. In the long run, what is taking place will be the best for you.

"Heaven's net" suggests Tao. Tao is vast and omnipresent. It reigns over all your hologram (=the world). Just trust it.

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The Japanese title of Masahiro Shinoda's «Double Suicide» 篠田正浩「心中天網島」is «Shinju Ten no Amijima». Chikamatsu, Monzaemon 近松門左衛門 wrote the original in the time of the samurai. "Ami 網 jima島" literally means Net Island 網島, where a merchant and a high-class prostitute committed Shinju 心中 / suicide. Chikamatsu the Japanese Shakespeare associated the name of the island with a well-known line from this chapter 73: "Heaven's net is vast. 天網恢恢 [Ten mo kai kai]". The word-by-word translation of the title is «The Love Suicides at Heaven's Net Island».

-In Chapter 3 Do nothing, this principle is discussed. It may be a bit different from what you think of "doing truly nothing". You don't act directly on your hologram, but you can transform it by using Dark Depth Female 玄牝 [genpi]. See also Chapter 10e Dark Depth Female.

-Chapter 2 Do not judge. Judgement is a manifestation of your little ego, which has nothing to do with true You.

-Taoism videos / Chapter 73 1-4 Hatred

-Taoism videos / Chapter 73 5-9 I shin den shin

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"Bunraku 文楽" is, in fact, the name of a theatre in Osaka, Japan. Ningyo Joruri 人形浄瑠璃 is the traditional name of this puppet presentation. Chikamatsu, Monzaemon 近松門左衛門 left two masterpieces: «Sonezaki Shinju 曾根崎心中» and «Shinju Ten no Amijima 心中天網島». In Donald Keene's «Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu» on the upper left, you can find both plays. "Shinju 心中" means a suicide for love while "Shin / Kokoro 心" signifies the heart; "Ju / chu / naka 中", the middle, respectively. In the middle of the unsolvable complication of their love affair, a yujo (= "play woman" literally) and his client say good-bye to this floating world Ukiyo 浮世 and leave for the other world Anoyo あの世.