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Chapter 74


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  74-1 End of Life
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  74-3 Fear of End
  74-4 Reincarnation
  74-5 Big's carpenter
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 74]  Reincarnation / English translation

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People are not afraid of the end of life.

How can you terrify them by ending their life?

If people are always afraid of the end of life, I can arrest those who do something strange and end their life. Who dares?

There are always those who are in charge of ending life, and they end their life.

If you end life on behalf of those who are in charge of ending life, it is like carving wood on behalf of Big's carpenter.

If you carve wood on behalf of Big's carpenter, you surely hurt your hand.



Don't be afraid of the end of life. It is just the end of one hologram.

People in your hologram (=the world) are, in fact, not afraid of it at all. For they are just characters in the hologram you project in the mind.

If you are completely stuck in the world (=your hologram), in other words, if you have no idea that this life is a hologram, you may be scared of the end of it. The strangest act in your hologram is to try to control it. Since you are the one who projects it, you can get rid of a character there (="end their life"), but for what? All the characters (=people) are there as a catalyst. They are there for you.

Right here, it is really necessary to distinguish true You (=Tao) from your own «self» clearly. Tao (=true You) is constantly creating and re-creating a hologram. A hologram ends and another starts. That's what we call «reincarnation». Your own self is part of the process. It may end. It may start. It has no consequence. The important thing is that Tao (=true You) keep on cycling its energy.

"Big" indicates Tao. Tao is "an uncarved block". (☞See Chapter 15 Man who knew Tao & Chapter 28 Uncarved block) If you try to influence your hologram, you are intervening the natural course of Tao.

Tao "carves" itself to create the hologram. Don't bother the process. If you do, it is surely counterproductive. You will waste your energy.

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Yukio Mishima had tackled the subject of reincarnation before he committed harakiri at Ichigaya Camp of Self-Defense forses in Tokyo. The last of the four book series «The Sea of Fertility» is «The Decay of the Angel / Tennin gosui», which Mishima had just finished writing before he went to the headquarters.  三島由紀夫  豊饒の海  天人五衰

Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of «Urusei yatsura» and «Maison Ikkoku», chose the very subject as the title of a series. Rin-ne 輪廻 means reincarnation in Japanese. Rin 輪 ne 廻 literally signifies: "A wheel turns".  高橋留美子  うる星やつら  メゾン一刻

-Chapter 72 Fear. Don't be afraid of anything. Don't be afraid of "fear". Big's fear, or Tao's fear is something nice, rather. You will be happy to experience it.

-Chapter 33 Self. In Zen Buddhism, they say, "Your own self is mountains, rivers, and lands. The mountains, the rivers, and the lands are your own self". Your own «self» is a hologram.

-Taoism videos / Chapter 74 1-6 Death

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Does one have to be an intellectual to live with Buddhism? No, he doesn't. Must one read many books on the subject? No, by any means. If you want to know about it but don't have much time and patience, Osamu Tezuka will help you. He is a Japanese Walt Disney and the creator of the one and only Astro Boy. In Tezuka's «Buddha», the cartoonist gently tells us about the life of the founder of Buddhism. He also created «Phoenix / Hinorori» to tackle the theme of reincarnation. Having learned that it can be educational, few Japanese can ignore the Manga these days.  手塚治虫  鉄腕アトム  ブッダ  火の鳥