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Chapter 78


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  78-1 Water summary
  78-2 Water's attack
  78-3 No change
  78-4 Be weak
  78-5 Be soft
  78-6 Everyone = You
  78-7 No one acts
  78-8 State filth
  78-9 Bad omens
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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 78]  Resistance / English translation

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Nothing in the world under the sky is softer and weaker than water.

As for attacking something hard and strong, nothing is better than water.

It is because nothing can change it.

The weak beats the strong.

The soft beats the hard.

Everyone in the world under the sky knows them.

No one does them.

That's why the sage says, "Those who accept the filth of the country are called the master of the state.

"Those who accept the bad omen of the country are called the king of the world under the sky."

Right words sound contradictory.



<POINT> Do not resist. Resistance blocks the natural flow of the fundamental energy Tao (=Love, =Buddha).

Water is the softest and weakest in your hologram (="the world under the sky"). Be like water. (☞See Chapter 8 Be like Water)

If you try to be tough in your hologram (=the world), you will be stuck there. If you are like water, you are one with Tao.

Everything "changes" except Tao itself. You should know that true You are Tao. Nothing can change you.

Be weak and accept all.

Be soft and don't resist.

Everyone in your hologram (="the world under the sky") is a character you create. Knowledge is part of your hologram, too. It is shared by all. "All" means you. Do you know those rules? Be weak and soft. No resistance is the best maneuvre.

No one in your hologram acts. You shouldn't act, either. More you act, more resistance you create. Do you follow the rules? Accept all and don't resist.

"The sage" means you. "The country" and "the state" are decoded as your hologram. If you can accept "the filth" of your hologram, that is to say, if you can accept all, you can remember that you are "the master of" your hologram.

Don't be superstitious. Ignore bad omens. If not, you will be ruled by the fear of future. Past, present, and future are being created by you here now. Accept your fear of future as a catalyst stimulating you to emit more of the energy Tao. After all, you are the creator of your hologram (="the king of the world under the sky").

Right words sound wrong, don't they?

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Daisetz Suzuki's «Buddha of Infinite Light» and Hiroyuki Itsuki's «Tariki» 五木寛之「他力」are good reading materials when you think about Tariki 他力 / Other-power and Jiriki 自力 / Self-power. Infinite Light / Mugeko 無碍光・無礙光 is another name of Amida 阿弥陀 / Amitabha. Mu 無 signifies nothingness. Muge 無碍・無礙 literally means no disturbance / no hindrance / no attachment / freedom. Ko 光 signifies light. Now you know why Amida Butsu 阿弥陀仏 (Amida Buddha), Tao 道, Love 愛(慈悲), and Zen 禅 are the same. Hopefully, these books will help you discover that Tariki / Other-power and Jiriki / Self-power are the same as well. If we have no Self, how can they be different! (☞See Chapter 33 Self and Chapter 7 No self)

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No resistance against your destiny, please." This had been part of typical Japanese teachings. When did a personal fight against one's destiny become a shining beacon in the islands of Ukiyo, the floating world? In «The Tale of Genji / Genji monogatari», the masterpiece written about the year 1000, things are completely different. The female characters rarely resist their destinies. They suffer from their incoherence morally and socially, but in the end succumb to their men, or carriers of Infinite Light. The male characters shamelessly go from one woman to another following their inner Mugeko / Infinite Light. No wonder the principal character is called Hikaru, which means "light" in Japanese. Read the best novel ever written in the language of the Geisha girls, the artists of life without resistance, with the diary of Lady Murasaki Shikibu, its author.

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