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Chapter 79


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  [Tao Te Ching Chapter 79]  Grudge / English translation

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When you pacify a big grudge, there is always a remaining grudge.

How can you call it good?

That's why the sage takes the contract, but doesn't ask the person to pay.

Heaven's Tao has no favoritism. It is always on the side of a good person.



Don't try to ignore your grudge. Just accept it as it is.

Even if you have a grudge, don't feel bad about it because there is neither good nor bad.

You can do whatever you want in your hologram (=the world). You can even make a wish (="the contract"), but you should not try to act direct to make it come true. The feeling of dissatisfaction, or a grudge, will block the natural flow of Tao the energy.

Tao, which circulate through all the four corners of your hologram, doesn't judge. There is no "favoritism". All you have to do is to believe that Tao is always on your side because true You are Tao itself.

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«Ju-on» signifies "curse - grudge" in Japanese. Do they hold a grudge against someone, curse him, and wait for the best moment of revenge? In general and in reality, no. The happy-go-lucky islanders in Far East forget things easily whether they are good ones or bad ones. But we adore the stories of those evil spirits who have carried their grudge into the world of the dead. Since the ancient time of Kojiki chronicle, we are afraid of "that world" but fascinated by those who can spiritually travel between "this world" and "that world". «Ju-on the Grudge» is now available on Nintendo Wii. Well, at least we can "experience" it virtually.  呪怨  古事記  あの世  この世


Did Godzilla destroy Tokyo with a grudge? As a sort of revenge? Human beings tested a hydrogen bomb while it was asleep. According to Dr Kyohei Yamane in the original film «Godzilla / Gojira» released in 1954, it was a gigantic animal of two million years ago, in the middle of the evolution from an aquatic reptile to a land mammal. A nuclear experiment woke it up. In Akira Kurosawa's «Ikiru», was the man living with a grudge against work? He was a bureaucrat. While Godzilla left the body in contaminated Tokyo Bay, the man left a tiny park for local children. Ishiro Honda, the director of «Godzilla», had once worked as an assistant under Kurosawa.  ゴジラ  黒澤明「生きる」 本多 猪四郎